Service Charges

LIST OF SERVICE CHARGE (Including  Service Tax)


S.NO. Particular Review Charge
1. Locker- Small, Medium, Large size Rs. 900,1200,1600/-Annual (50% Discount for staff, & Ex staff)
2. Issue Micre  Cheque C/A, S/B & CC Rs.2/per Cheque Leaf
First Cheque Book-free
3. Quarterly Average Balance- Non maintenance Charges-Current Account (All type) Rs. 200/-per quarter for C/A.
Rs. 200/-per annual-For  S.B. ac
4. Issue of Payment Instruction/ Statement First Pass Book –nil
Duplicate Pass Book/ statement.100/-per Pass Book
5. Stop Payment Instructions Rs. 51/-per instrument
6. Balance Enquiry Nil
7. Account Closure Within 14 days – Nil
Beyond 14 days –up to 6 month Rs.225/-
(individual) &Rs. 1019/-(company)
8. Transfer of Account (SB/CA) Rs. 102/-(inclusive of Postal Charges)
9. Cheque  Returned Charges (Local Station) Rs. 102/-per cheque
10. Balance Certificate Rs. 102/-per Certificate
11. Interest Certificate Rs. 102/-per Certificate
12. No Dues Certificate Rs. 102/-per Certificate
13. Record-copy of the Cheque Rs. 102/-per cheque/ instrument
14. Postal Charges Ordinary Rs. 20/-
Registered/ Speed Post/ Courier Rs.36/-
15. Failed EMI Charges Rs. 25/-
16. Issue of  deposit at Call receipt (payable at Branch) NIL



Remittance and Collection Facility

Up to Rs. 5000/-      Rs. 25/-
Above Rs. 5000/-up to Rs. 10000/- Rs. 41/-
Above Rs. 10000/- up to Rs. 1.00 Lac
Rs. 3/-per 1000/-maximum 12733/-



Issue of Demand Draft/ Banker’s Cheque

maximum Rs. 51/-
Above Rs. 1,00000/- Rs. 3/-
Per 1000/- Maximum Rs. 12733/-
Revalidation/ Cancellation of  Draft/banker’s Cheque Rs.102/-
20. Issuance of Duplicate Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque Rs. 102/-per Draft
Collection of Bills Up to Rs. 5000/- Rs.51/-
Above Rs. 5000/- Up to Rs.10000/-        Rs.56/-




Collection of out Station Cheques

Up to rate 5000/-                                     Rs.29/-
Above Rs.5000/-Upto Rs. 10000/-          Rs.57/-
Above Rs.10000/- Up to Rs.1.00 lac       Rs.114/-
Above Rs. 1.00 Lac Up to Rs. 5.00 Lac Rs.171/-
Above Rs.10.00 Lac Rs. 281/-(Maximum)
24. RTGS outword below 5 lac  – Rs.30/-
Above 5 lac. – Rs.56/-
25. NEFT  Inword Nil
26. NEFT Outword Rs. 26/-
27. At Par multicity cheques Issued by customers and
Presented at clearing house at non-base centre
Up to 1 lac               -Nil
Above 1 lac to 2 lac – Rs. 16/-
Above 2 lac to 5 lac – Rs. 26/-
Above 5 lac                Rs. 52/-
28. Cash Deposit in
Up TO 1 Lac.- Nil
Above 1 lac- Rs1/1000 (minimum-10
29. Enquires related
To old records
more than 12 month
Rs. 102/-per Item
1 to 3 year old – Rs.153.00
3 to 5 year old  -Rs.229.00
More than 5 year old- Rs.356.00
30. ATM charges Annual fee-Rs.115/-
Additional Card (p.a)-Rs.115/-
Card replacement charges-Rs. 230/-
Pin regeneration charges-Rs35/-
Transaction fees, after free transaction (Cash withdrawal) -Rs.19/-
Balance inquiry, mini statement, pin change-Rs.9/-
31. SMS. Charge Rs.50/-half yearly
32. Non operative account Rs. 50/- quarterly